About Us

About Us

In the early 1980’s, a retired printer saw the need within the Timber Industry for printed tags – a first in New Zealand. He trialed the idea and enjoyed positive industry feedback. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could get the business up and running.

Not wanting to let the idea pass too, his widow put the business concept up for sale.

In 1982 my parents, Jack and Judy Warburton began looking for a part-time business (as they thought they might slow down). They saw huge potential in this business concept and took it on.

What began as an idea now had wheels.

The Warburton seniors invested in the printing technology and began operating out of their home. As expected, Industry response was extremely positive and what began as a small, part time business quickly became a thriving enterprise.

We are now located in larger premises, conveniently located in Tauranga.

In 2002 I returned to Tauranga to manage the business and in April 2007, my wife Glenda and I bought the business, my folks were about to trial retirement.

With the help of our dedicated team, we continue to offer the highest level of service & special attention to our clients’ needs.

My parents, since ‘trying’ to retire, have developed another business manufacturing and marketing the ‘Ezi-Tagger’. See EXTRAS on this website to find out more.