Air operated

  • Apply Tags and Staples at the same time
  • Up to 100 tags or more per minute
  • Two models available:
    – Ezi Tagger (pictured) with guillotine (40mm x 19mm tags)
  • Suits Steel Staples which we sell

” We purchased an Ezi Tagger form Warburton’s some months ago to run alongside our imported plastic staple tagger.
The Ezi Tagger has proved so more much efficient and reliable than the old model, that we now only use the Ezi Tagger.
This is a fine example of a locally made piece of equipment that has really helped in our day to day processing.” 
– Alan

Label Applicator

Label applicator specially designed to simply and firmly dispense and apply barcode labels, general labels and/ or seals in roll.

  • It can dispense a different size of labels without any adjustment.
  • Easy to use.